Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Story Telling & Commission


The three given images for the Soundscape Project.

Script to Screen:

The three given words for Script to Screen project

Character: Snowman
Environment: Haunted House
Prop: Parcel


  1. Hi Greta for Soundscape what you could do for the second image is having a soft light sucking sound as if to make it sound like a void with some drops of water may be hitting down onto a surface with some scratching against wood or any surface, as for the first one maybe use some small tickling tapping noises as if you are tapping your fingers onto a table or use a wired drawing and use a pencil to go up and down to get that tapping sound and then make it go faster as if the creature in the picture is moving.

    As for script to screen maybe the snowman is trying to help Father Christmas by delivering a parcel to a little girl but it turns out that the little girl is a ghost and when the snowman goes into the haunted house to try and deliver the parcel she tries to play tricks and funny games with him so that she will not be alone. Its something to think about just throwing out their.

  2. an idea for your story could be that the snow man was created by a previous occupant that live there. the story could be like the film Jack Frost in which the snow man comes back to life. the reason for him to come back to life was that a parcel with delivered to the address of the occupant who you find out is the snowman haunting people trying to enter the premises. this is a quick idea of what it could be but if you need any help just ask me and I might be able to think up some more.