Monday, 13 March 2017

Soundscape - Reflective Statement

This project has been a challenge, as I found myself troubled because of the lack of knowledge in using Adobe Audition. I feel, I could have done better finished outcomes, if I would be more confident in using this software, however I think with a bit more practice, I could learn to use it easier. Despite not exactly knowing what to do, how to do it and struggling to figure out things, it was a great experience and I actually quite enjoyed to find more and more things withing the software.

 I have really enjoyed recording different sounds for the project and I think it is really creative how we need to think about what sounds could we use for different images. I was happy with the images I have found, and could imagine what sounds would fit it well, and the big challenge was to not only picture it, but to find it or at least being able to edit in such way that it is similar to what I have imagined.

Some of the sounds I was happy with how they came out, such as the third image, in my opinion is the closest to what I imagined; on the other hand there were sounds that I feel are not quite similar of how I wanted them.

Overall, I enjoyed the project a lot and think it was both challenging and entertaining to go around and record many sounds, while I feel like my knowledge in Adobe Audition still needs a lot of improvements in order to be able to achieve what I have imagined.

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