Thursday, 20 October 2016

Invisible Cities - Reflective Statement

During these 5 weeks, I have worked on the 'Invisible Cities' project, which I have found quite challenging, as I have not drawn digitally until the beginning of this course. However, I have enjoyed trying out new thing as well as finally being able to learn how to use different software, such as Photoshop.

I am aware of the problem that my time management is not the best, and to be able to successfully continue, I have to improve on it, which I will try my best to achieve and start the complete the next project. I also need to think about how long different tasks might take, as I am still not very experienced, but if I am able to work it out, I will be able to work more effectively.

Overall I am quite happy with my 3 final outcomes, as I am aware that this is what I could do with the lack of understanding and knowledge with the usage of the software and graphic tablet, but for the next project I will try to do a much better job.

Despite the small difficulties I had during 'Invisible Cities' project, I am very excited and looking forward to start a new project, learn more and get the best out of the course.

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